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Twisted Ties Book Signing !!!!

This Sunday September 11th, 11 AM – 4 PM

Bekky’s Village Workshop, Peddler’s Village – Lahaska, PA

Come out and say Hi.  I’ll sign any existing copies and will have plenty of new copies if you do not have yours yet!



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the reviews are pouring in….

well…one or two of them anyway…

“I would encourage readers to have a backbone if they are going to read this novel…” – Ionia Martin, Readful things blog.com

“…caught my attention right from the start and just held on tightly!” – MaryAnn Koopmann, Author Offerings From The Oven

“He’s such a good boy…” – my Mom.  Probably.  At some point.

More From Amazon.com !!!



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sexy herione of the week

I am fortunate to have the protagonist of my new book, Chynna Lennox, to be named Sexy Heroine of the Week over at Book Babe’s kewl blog. Go see, go see!!!!


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Goodreads Giveaway Number 2 is Underway!!!!

If you missed it the first time, here’s a chance to get a free copy of the book virtually no one is talking about but is bound to look like a trade paperback.

It’s the perfect book to take on vacation and if all else fails it has the size and heft perfect for hurling at your kids to get their attention.

Get Twisted!!!!!



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It’s time to get TWISTED….

You like mysteries?  Humor?  Romance?  Sex?  Violence?  Serious Attitude Problems?  Yeah, this book has that and more.

My first novel, Twisted Ties has been published and is available in many formats.

In addition, Chynna Lennox, the book’s protagonist, has been chosen Sexy Heroine of the Week for the week of May 16th on Book Babe’s outstanding blog!

For all you Goodreads members, you can enter a chance to win a free copy right now until April 3rd!

Please check out the FacePlant Books website to get your copy today!!!!!

Get Twisted!!!!



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Twisted Ties

Here’s the final comp for the cover of my soon-to-be-published mystery novel…

I have a wonderful graphic artist, Audra Dean DeFalco, who has put up with my nit-picking and indecision.  Hopefully we’ll have the finals in the next couple weeks and then it will be readily available and you can all flock to Amazon, B&N and load up your Kindle, Nooks or even buy a real copy.  Will keep you posted…


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this is interesting

i took three different samples of my book, Twisted Ties – coming out late fall – and visited the writing analyzer…

I write like
Stephen King

I Write Like by Mémoires, journal software. Analyze your writing!

I write like
Chuck Palahniuk

I Write Like by Mémoires, journal software. Analyze your writing!

I write like
William Gibson

I Write Like by Mémoires, journal software. Analyze your writing!

go figure….


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