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the big tease

no, i’m not taking about any pop singing diva or porn star – and granted there is a fine line showing there – it’s the wonderful spring weather gracing a much snow-battered (and consequently beer-battered) new jersey.  Yes I Shawshank-Redemptionjpgknow the mercury is supposed to plunge again and the forecast is calling for more of the wearisome white stuff for tuesday and wednesday, but yesterday and today were glorious. You know that scene in Shawshank Redemption were Tim Robbins slithers out of the sewer pipe to freedom and then stands there, arms raised, letting the rain wash over him?  Yeah, that kind of weather.  It’s a taste of what is coming – hopefully sooner rather than later.

In other news, Generalissimo Francisco Franco is still dead.



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what i lack in personality i make up for in bourbon

I have nothing to say.  Specifically.  It’s been crazy busy work wise for the past two weeks (including weekends) and today marked the culmination of some of my efforts so I can breathe a little tonight.

I know I keep writing about this “book” I’ve written….just hang in there – big news coming very very very very soon.  I can say this – I have learned to appreciate the amount of effort that goes into a book besides actually writing it.  Posting an eBook version is one thing, actually designing the cover and interior is a whole different kettle of wax. (or ball of fish – whichever you prefer).  I have a new respect for book designers.

sunny-day-1And now for something completely different – – things that are unnecessary.  Do we REALLY need to name every single weather event from now on?  It’s a snow storm.  It’s not a hurricane or a typhoon.  Why, all of a sudden do we have to name them?  I think it is totally unfair to name only what people consider “dangerous” weather systems.  Why can’t we name sunny days.  “Sunshine Judy is heading our way on Friday followed by 24 hours of Balmy Dave.  Next week will be a beautiful Milton so head for the beach and take plenty of sunscreen.”   Seriously, what the hell?


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Peace in the Valley….

It’s ten minutes ’till October first and there is substantial thunder rumbling across the sky.  The rain outside my window is splashing against leaves already showing signs of red and yellow; true autumn is but a breath away.  It’s the most peaceful sound in the world, rainfall, next to ocean waves.  I could listen to it all night long.  The thunder is an added bonus, probably the last hurrah of thunder storms for the season.

I try harder each year to appreciate autumn.  It’s never been a favorite, actually ranking third out of the four, but that’s only becuase it is the harbinger of winter, standing in solid fourth.  It’s not that I don’t like the cooler temperatures or the absolute beauty of autumn – where else can you get colors such as these?? – but winter is just too stark and cold; the personification of death.  I’m actually good up until December 24th, then I hold my breath until the first warm breezes appear.  (The rain is really coming down now….ahhhhhh).  I have to make an extra effort to enjoy the here and now, or it’s gone before I know it.  I’ve made it through..well…enough winters that we really don’t need to number them here, and spring eventually dances it’s way in bringing everything back to life.  As I get older, appreciating every minute becomes easier…maybe even more desperate, which can lead to a panic – a race for…something…that is supposed to represent the capstone of my life.  Maybe I’ve already experienced it and all there is now is time to lean back and enjoy what is; something I’m not particularly good at.

Enough of philosophic waxing for one night.  You know what’s fun to do in the rain?  (well, besides that).  Running.  When I used to run becuase that’s what I thought I was supposed to be doing to stay healthy, every so often I’d get caught in a storm.  I would just burst out laughing while I ran.  That’s the total opposite of my childhood experience.  When I was in kindergarten I was deathly afraid of thunderstorms and I got caught in one walking home from school.  Completely freaked me out.  I carried an umbrella to school for the next four months, no matter what the weather.  What a nerd.


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